Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're all bitter now

It seems what Senator Obama really meant by his “bitter” comment was that small town American’s who are falling behind economically do not vote their economic interest when they vote Republican; they are hewing more closely to cultural issues.

I will accept that. All he needs to do now is explain why the wealthy in Manhattan and Hollywood support Democrats who do not share their economic interests. Could it be that they find cultural issues more important? But of course they are so much more intelligent.


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Cousin Mark said...

Jamie why do you hate so much on people from NYC and California? They are different from small town Kansans, Mississippians, etc. Many of them are very rich so they can afford to buy organic arugala, expensive hybrid cars, and go on "green" vacations. By the measure of wealth acquired, they are "elite."

I agree with you, since many of them are very rich, they can afford to vote on cultural or "feel-good" issues. Maybe they feel guilty about being so rich, so they want to assuage their guilt by seeming to help the poor, save the planet, etc.

I assume you mean that wealthy, "elite" Democrats vote against their economic interest, by being willing to pay more taxes for social programs, environmental issues, etc. As opposed to wealthy "elite" Republicans who would prefer to keep everything they earn.

I guess I need to read "What's the Matter with Kansas" so I can get up to speed on this topic.

I don't think Obama was correct about his reason small town whites are more religious, gun-toting etc. (that they are bitter about the economy). I think he was thinking aloud (which is very stupid for a politician)and realized he couldn't finish his thought aloud. I believe his full thought was that small town whites still don't want to vote for a black guy. But he realized he couldn't say that and said something incorrect just to finish off his statement.