Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My cousin Mark, who I dearly love, says he has pointed my blog out to some of his NJ friends. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess they will not agree with me on any political position I take.

Welcome to you all, and please keep reading and commenting. Contrary to some opinion I do like a good discussion, and I try not to be dismissive of any wrong headed ideas that may originate in the stagnating, liberal (oops, I mean progressive) part of these United States.

Since y'all don't really know me, I do have a highly developed sense of humor, so you can't take everything written here as a strongly held belief. But please, call me on anything you find flagrantly middle American (or as I prefer to call it common sense.) That would be things like the Constitution actually meaning what is written there, the right to keep what you have rightfully earned, the belief that the federal government is not actually looking out for my best interests (I am a middle aged, white, male; so I do realize that I represent everything that this country was founded to stand against), and a strongly held belief that western culture is a good thing.

And for those specific readers: you need to know how brave Mark is to admit at our family gatherings that he voted for Bill Clinton (TWICE!) and that he is currently a supporter of Barack Obama. We still love him, but are not sure why he is not in counseling for his disorder.


Mark said...

Ha-ha. Hi there J.R. I dearly love you too, and agree I need counselling on a number of fronts!

My Jersey friends are ticked at me for blowing their cover. They wanted to berate the redneck J.R. anonymously!

P.S. We could have used you at Sherlock's trivia last night (you know Sherlock's on Westheimer at Sam Houston Tollway.. I think you may have been there before). We tied for first but I'm sure could have got first outright with your help.

J.R. said...

I would have enjoyed that. I assume there was some beer consumed as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi cousin Mark, I love you too and I like beer. Wife of JR.