Monday, April 7, 2008


Today was a nice day for a drive across Texas. The sun is shining and the temperatures are in the low 80's.

I drove from San Angelo to College Station across the center of the state. Spring has been kind. Everywhere is green. The wildflowers are scarce until you get East of Austin. The fall and winter were to dry to produce many flowers.

Tomorrow I will be traveling across the original settlement areas of Texas; Brazos, Washington and Austin Counties. This is part of the area settled with the first land grants. The wildflowers should be more prolific in that area of the state.


Anonymous said...

Your numbers are absolutely meaningless! OK, the top 1% of tax payers pay 40% of the tax, but what percent of money do they earn? If everyone earned the same amount of money your statistics might mean something but that is hardly the case.

Ever try to think about why so many people live to reach old age? Maybe it is because we take better care of our seniors now than ever before.

J.R. said...

The top 1% earn about 23% of the total.

I am not concerned about why so many people live to old age; that is not really relevant. The point is the social programs cannot be paid for as they now exist without some major modifications.

I am assuming your point is not that we should quit taking care of them in order to balance the costs?