Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To the four winds

This afternoon I met, on Highway 83 moving south, three buses, escorted by three Texas DPS troopers and three ambulances. Three buses will hold somewhere between 70 and 110 passengers. It appears Tom Green County has emptied the Coliseum and transferred the children of the YFZ Ranch all over the state of Texas.


Cousin Mark said...

Poor kids!

J.R. .. what's up with the new pic in cowboy get-up? Are you feeling the need to reinforce your redneck image beyond the blog posts? Ha-ha. Take it easy.

J.R. said...

Come on Mark, you need to embrace your inner redneck.

Ian said...

Dad, you know I've been wanting a baby brother...or sister. Well just a baby mormon in general, take advantage of the situation!