Friday, November 11, 2011

Republicans v. Mitt Romney

The Republican primary race has shaped up as Mitt Romney versus all the rest. The problem with Romney is he is facile, and his only government experience is as Governor of Massachusetts. Any Republican elected in Massachusetts at the time he was, is merely a moderate Democrat anywhere else in the country. The Republican Party, meaning the voters, is looking for any alternative to him. They will vote for him if he wins the nomination, because four more years of Comrade Obama is entirely unacceptable. I don't see a way through to nomination for Governor Romney. He garners support from about 25% of the Party in any poll. When the race finally shakes out to Romney versus one other opponent, he will likely not top 40% of the vote in any primary.

The question then is; who will be the one other opponent? At this juncture it seems that the only two remaining viable candidates are Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. The further we travel the more apparent it is that Cain is like Obama, in that he does not have the applicable experience, and he is piss ignorant of foreign policy. Which leaves us with Gingrich.

Gingrich has more experience in governing and politics than anyone else in the race, including the President. He understands how government works. He is a conservative in reality, not just for convenience like Gov. Romney. In a race between Gingrich and Romney, Gingrich has the support of the conservatives and particularly the ultra right wing of the Party. When the nomination process began I thought Gingrich would be out of the race by now. Starved of money and lacking a good organization he would have had to withdraw. But he is just now finding his footing and it is the perfect time with the first delegates being won in just over six weeks.

My prediction, on this Veterans' Day, is that on November 7, 2012 we will be saying good morning to President-elect Newt Gingrich.