Friday, January 30, 2009

Taxes? Those are for the other guy

How come these liberals that believe in taxing the rich, don't believe in paying taxes? The tax code is complex, but if you get something, and it wasn't a gift or inheritance, it might just occur to you that you should pay taxes on it.

In the past we couldn't confirm people to cabinet posts because they forgot a few hundred dollars in payroll taxes on a housekeeper, but now it's okay to "forget" tens, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars in taxes? This is just the epitome of Democrat thinking; someone else should pay for what I want to do!

Oh, if it's not clear, this is a rant, and these people really piss me off!

In this case, a pox on only one of their houses. The house occupied by the Hypocrite Party.

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Cousin Mark said...

They are so rich and their tax returns are so complicated there are bound to be a few boo-boos. You are such a CPA!

J. kidding. I'm not impressed with these people either. I'm also disgusted with the scam perpetrated on the American worker that he/she should invest his/her savings (401K) in the stock market. It feels like we are getting ripped off by these bonus grubbing SOBs. Is the whole thing a massive Ponzi scheme?