Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm a Murderer!

At the insistence of J.R., I was perusing the PETA website and investigated the "Living in Harmony with Wildlife" resource. And now I know I'm not living in harmony with wildlife, see their recommendation below:

"Deny mice and rats access to food in your home—this is the best way to discourage them from taking up residence. Store all food in airtight, rodent-proof containers. If you must trap an occasional rodent, use a cruelty-free live trap made for this purpose. If the trap is plastic, make sure it has air holes, and check it frequently, at least every hour. "

I have had several mice take up residence in my home, and I found that the "sticky traps" and others don't work. And who the hell is going to check a live mouse trap every hour all night long?! The only trap that works in my experience is the good old snap trap with cheese bait. Granted I am not catching a live mouse to release and get back in my home again, but I think it is more merciful than having it starve to death in some live trap, if I forget to check for it for a day or week or whatever.

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J.R. said...

Clearly you have very little compassion for our furry friends.