Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More on P.E.T.A.

Click to enlarge.

Perhaps the funniest commentary on PETA ever!


Cousin Mark said...

J.R. that is terrible!! Ha-ha. What are the 4 brown varmints, I can't tell what they are?

J.R. said...

The brown varmints are squirrels I believe.

I find this to be a clever use of a variety of furs. Mixing and matching the rabbit with the squirrel and some raccoon thrown in for contrast.

Cousin Mark said...

Ha-ha. Yes, very artistic. I should have realized they were squirrels by the long tails. Are raccoon pelts basically worthless nowadays? I don't hear of any of my uncles or cousins hunting raccoons any more. I read an article that people in Missouri are eating coons now.. good eating apparently!