Monday, August 4, 2008

Racism is an issue

Race keeps coming up in the campaign for the Presidency. But it is not Republicans discussing Senator Obama's race, it is the Obama campaign calling the McCain campaign racist. I don't see how reminding those white voters that are reluctant to vote for a black man that Obama is half-African is a winner. And calling the campaign that never mentions race racist is certainly a loser.

Ruth Ann Dailey has a more detailed discussion in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette.

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Cousin Mark said...

Greetings from breezy, rainy Houston!

I think Obama made a mistake repeating his lines about his opponents pointing out his "funny name" and that he looks different from the other presidents.

Of course he means all of the right-wing nut-jobs on talk radio saying those things. Those people are supporters of McCain, but they are not McCain himself.

I haven't been too impressed with Obama lately, but I'm starting to seriously dislike McCain. The presidential race is starting to materialize along the familiar lines of the last 2 elections. Rednecks will be 90% for McCain, "liberal elites" 90% for Obama. Razor-thin close results.

My 2 cents!