Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He's dreamy

Ok, I know that this must be somehow racist, because it is making fun of Obama's celebrity, again! And, well, if you don't worship at the altar of Obama you're somehow a racist. But it strikes me as pretty funny. I guess this falls under the category of negative campaigning but it is really clever.


Ian said...

Claim, data, warrant. None of these candidates have employed proper argument styling in attacking each other. There's plenty that either of them could say... and neither of them is saying it. This race is really upsetting to me, because I don't hear any meat to any of the arguments. Very upsetting.

J.R. said...

Ian, this is your first Presidential election; there is nothing unusual with the level of discourse. Those of us who are politically engaged might like to here more argument on point, but that is not what the general public listens to. Even when the candidates have a face-to-face debate they will probably not address specifics. They each will have talking points that they will turn to rather than respond to a direct question. It is what it is.