Monday, August 11, 2008

Leah Daughtry

The Rev. Leah Daughtry is the Chief of Staff to the Democratic National Committee and the CEO of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee. Among her other accomplishments she served as an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Labor during the Clinton administration. She serves as Pastor to the House of the Lord Church, Washington, DC. The House of the Lord Church was founded by the Rev. Leah Daughtry's grandfather, and is currently presided over by her father the Rev. Herbert Daughtry.

The House of the Lord Church is a church based on Dr. Cone's black theology of liberation, the same as Sen. Obama's former church headed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. One of the stated beliefs is:

That Jesus is essentially African in origin.While Abraham, the father, was located in Asia, after hundreds of years in Egypt, northern Africa-and Canaan-during which obvious assimilation of religion, medicine, art, architecture, engineering, etc., occurred, what passed on to Jesus was Africanness.

We have all heard by now the statements made by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the question is, are these sentiments shared by the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, and his daughter? How does a black theology of liberation play with the mainstream Democratic voter?

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