Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Poor pitiful Muslims

Wow, the Muslims are now upset because a puppy was used in an advertisement. What a God awful bunch of asshats they are. I can't claim to really give a damn when Muslims decide to be offended, but this really does take the cake. And perhaps even more offensive is that an apology was issued.

I hope that my country never becomes this politically correct. I can't really relate how loathsome this type of kowtowing to one group of religious fanatics is.

Muslims show no respect for the beliefs of others; why should they be allowed to dictate what is appropriate to the rest of us?


Cousin Mark said...

Did the movie "Babe" offend orthodox Jews because it featured a pig?

J.R. said...

That is exactly the parallel I thought of, or did it offend Muslims because it involved a pig?

Cousin Mark said...

Pigs are unclean too. Some cleric probably issued a fatwah on the producers of the movie. Ha.