Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Koran abuse

A group called the Book of Signs Foundation is leaving copies of the Koran on doorsteps in Houston. It frequently rains in Houston. Some of these holy books might get wet and be damaged. Shouldn't Muslims around the world rise up and riot in the streets over disrespect for the word of the Prophet? They certainly did when a false rumor was circulated that a Koran was dropped in a toilet at Guantanamo.

But, I am certain, that this is just another example of Muslims being inconsistent. Muslim art has a long tradition of images of Mohammed, but if his image is used in the West it will bring a Fatwah.

A pox on this religion of hatred and murder.

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herendacity said...

I have yet to get my copy J.R., but I will bring it to you when I do. I can imagine that we will be getting reports of threats, or hate crimes as a result though.