Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things that make you say WTF

According to the Pew Forum on religion and public life, 21% of atheists believe in God, 55% of agnostics believe in God. Do these people not know what atheist and agnostic mean? I can see where a small percentage of agnostics might believe in God, but not 55%, and atheist means, according to Webster's online dictionary, Someone who denies the existence of god. Is this just another example of American ignorance?


Cousin Mark said...

Ha-ha. That is really funny. I am not sure if technically I'm an atheist or agnostic.. atheists are perhaps more absolute about the God thing than I am.

J.R. said...

Being an atheist, unless you're an atheist that believes in God, is like having a religion. You always have to get out there and argue your point of view. Madeleine Murray O'Hair was a bigger nutjob on her religion of atheism than Pat Robertson is on his weird Christian thing.