Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congratulations Senator Obama

While it is obvious I'm not a fan of the Senator from Illinois, I see clearly the significance of his likely nomination as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency.

It is wonderful to see that America has advanced to the stage where a black man can be a serious contender for the highest office. And he is indeed a serious candidate. Previous candidacies by Jesse Jackson and Al Shaprton were not truly serious. Those two represented black America only. Senator Obama, despite attempts by the Clintons to prove otherwise, is a candidate for all Americans.

I do not wish to see this man elected, but his nomination will make it possible for a black man or a woman, thank you Senator Clinton, to vie for the office in the future without the question constantly arising about race and/or gender. There are some good candidates ideologically nearer the center who may be more willing to enter future races thanks to the Democratic primary this year.

Congratulations Senator Obama.


Cousin Mark said...

As I watched the TV coverage and most of the speeches last night, I was struck by how gracious and thoughtful Obama was in his remarks, and by how lacking in grace and, dare I say class, Hillary was. In my opinion Obama has turned the cheek many times in regard to Hillary, and I was hoping for more from her in her speech last night.

Obama really is a phenomenon and it's going to be a very interesting race this fall. I'm sure you will have a lot to write in your blog!!

J.R. said...

The man is quite graceful.

Hillary lacking grace or class should not be a surprise. Remember how "graceful" President Clinton was in departing the White House. That was one of the least gracious or classy things I have ever witnessed.

The point I am trying to make, and will clearly state is; Senator Obama is a charismatic, likable man. I can muster no enmity for him, I just don't care for his politics. I can't say the same for Hillary.

Cousin Mark said...

Yes, I remember Bill had a bad last week in office with some disgraceful pardons. I also wonder if he got some brain damage during his heart bypass surgery. He seems deranged nowadays.

Anyway, I'm not holding any particularly high hopes that Obama can win this November, but I think in the end I did make the right choice between Obama and Hillary.

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