Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cousin Mark

I have invited Cousin Mark to blog here with me. He should provide some balance to my political views which are unfailingly right wing.

Mark's mother and my mother are sisters. We both grew up in religious homes of Republican orientation. Somewhere along the way I went wrong on religion and Mark went wrong on politics. The family just kind of looks at him and shakes their heads. They talk about us heathens as well. I'm not saying we are black sheep, but perhaps there is more dark fiber in our fleece than some would like.

But on the positive side of things we are both Aggies, so we can't be all bad.


Cousin Mark said...

I went wrong on a number of fronts besides politics, but those can be subjects for the future!

I will try and make a post soon, and see if I can stir it up!

MN Gal said...

I welcome another view point on politics other than J.R's. This could get very interesting.