Sunday, June 1, 2008


Senator Obama resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ on Saturday. He said he felt he was a burden to other church members, and he could no longer allow inflammatory things said in the church to be imputed to him.

This is some major portion of 20 years too late. He sat in a church where racist hate speech was delivered on a regular basis. The congregation clapped, cheered, amen'ed and hallelujah'ed this speech while he sat there (I suspect at least smiling.) His rejection of this, to me, bizarre hatred of white America comes quite a bit too late to be accepted as legitimate.


MN Gal said...

Amen brother Jacoby

Cousin Mark said...

I think on this subject, Obama is going to pay big time, unfortunately. He wasn't clever enough to resign from this church 3-5 years ago, when he knew he would be seeking statewide and national office. He will never be able to explain this issue satisfactorily to conservative voters such as yourself.

We'll see how everything unfolds over the coming months!

J.R. said...

Cousin Mark,
First of all, I am not a conservative. The conservative urge to interfere in peoples lives is repulsive. I am a right leaning libertarian. That being said, the Democratic Party is not my home. The Republican Party, despite it's nasty religionism and nativism, is my home.

Therefor, Obama doesn't need to convince me or those like me. We are not going to vote for anyone who channels Marx (Karl, not Groucho) and Engels. The voters he must convince are those in the center who don't have any ideological home. This group is primarily white and middle-class. And, as you say, he will pay big time. And if the tape of Mrs. Obama sitting with Louis Farrakhan and talking about whitey actually exists; then I believe we can say adios Comrade Obama.

Cousin Mark said...

Sorry I lumped you in with "conservatives". I know you are a libertarian, but you always or almost always vote with the Republicans, as far as I know. That makes you "conservative" by association in this Democrat's eyes!

Are you saying that Obama is a closet Communist? I haven't heard any proposal to nationalize industry or collective agriculture! What am I missing? Aren't their degrees of leaning left and perhaps it's a bit of hype to use Marx and Obama in the same breath?

I am hoping Obama can turn things around now that Hillary might be stepping aside, but I'm not holding my breath. Do you think the Dems will have an Obama-Clinton ticket?

J.R. said...

I am not speaking of Soviet style collectivism, but of true Marxist socialism. So much of what comes out of Senator Obama's mouth sounds like pure socialism. (Senator Clinton is not any better in that respect.)

I doubt that he thinks of himself as a Marxist, or even a socialist, but I will judge by his words and actions, not by the labels he attaches to himself. He certainly is shading the facts if he claims not to be liberal and when he talks about bi-partisanship. He has never shown any tendencies except for true liberalism and voting with the far left wing of the Democratic Party. This is why the netroots love the guy so much.

I don't see an Obama-Clinton ticket as likely. There is no real upside for Hillary. If they lost she would have gained nothing, if they win she would be in the shadows as VP for at least four years, and unable to run for President again for at least eight years. She has already played second fiddle for more time than she would like.