Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just when the Republicans have everything in their hands they manage to do something totally stupid.

Why, oh why, would you stir up the immigration mess when things were going well. This is not a winning issue for Republicans and everyone knows it but them. This is as stupid as the Democrats kowtowing to the fringe of their party. Just when it looked like they would make huge gains in the House and the Senate, along comes the immigration bomb, and they reach down and light the fuse. It's like giving back all the gains made in the past 15 months.

There seemed to be a real opportunity to gain some ground, and roll back the legislative overreach, and spending splurge of the past two years. That will crawl back now, thanks to the Arizona law, and the other southern states jumping on the bandwagon.



Cousin Mark said...

Republicans no le gusta los muchachos de Home Depot! What's the big deal?

Cousin Mark said...

Apparently Governor Perry doesn't think the Arizona law is right for Texas. Is he trying to win my vote? Ha-ha.

I'm amazed by all of the harsh comments I read on the Houston Chronicle website regarding this illegal immigration issue. I can honestly say I don't get all of the hostility.

J.R. said...

Of course the Governor is seeking your vote!

I don't get the anger either. I have a friend who has been on this rant for the past few years. He sends me all the anti-immigrant emails, and I just don't see where a lot of it is coming from. I would think it was anti-Hispanic, but this guy lives in San Antonio and doesn't seem to have a problem with that.