Friday, April 23, 2010


I find this map interesting. Living in a a Baptist enclave creates certain attitudes that are hard to understand if you don't live in such an area. I am ambivalent about this, some of these accepted norms are useful, some are extremely stifling. Tolerance of heathens is minimal.

Studying this map certainly helps to understand attitudes, moral, social and political, in each area of the country.


Anonymous said...

If i recall correctly a large percentage of these states would also be the ones that O'Bama in the election, perhaps baptist are smarter than catholics...well I knew that already :) well to include you Mr. Jacoby ill say the ambivilant also..

Cousin Mark said...

That map is interesting. It somewhat matches the red state/blue state divide as well.

I've been reading too many atheistic writers these days (Hitchens, etc.). I'm sure Hitchens is not a best-seller in your town.. just guessing!