Sunday, October 19, 2008

"W" and Colin Powell

Yesterday afternoon I went to watch Oliver Stone's "W" and it caused me to wonder even more if indeed Colin Powell was going to end up endorsing Barack Obama today. And lo and behold this morning I turn on "Meet the Press" and Powell gave the most comprehensive and effective endorsement of Obama I have yet heard.

In the movie, Colin Powell is shown as constantly feuding with Cheney and Rummy, and being the lone hold out on the decision to invade Iraq. By the end of the movie, it was implied that Powell felt used by the administration, and saddened that he had made the final sales pitch to the UN on Saddam and the weapons of mass destruction.

By the way, the movie is interesting and funny, but it is a work of fiction and speculation. If you love President Bush you won't like it, but I didn't think it was all that harsh.


J.R. said...

Good for Colin Powell, he made what must have been a difficult decision to go public with his endorsement. It created a lot of good press for Senator Obama. But in the long run I doubt it means much. Endorsements just don't have much effect. Do you really care who your local newspaper endorses for any race? Me either.

On "W" I will probably take a pass. Rather you like W or not, he is the President, and a movie mocking him should have waited until after his term was over. If you don't have respect for the man, you can at least have respect for the office.

Related to that subject, (something that started with President Clinton,) this reference by many in the media to the POTUS as Mr. Clinton or Mr. Bush; that is just not right. This is the President, the appropriate honorific is President Clinton or President Bush.

Cousin Mark said...

I think the Powell endorsement might have a small effect on the election, especially for the current "undecided" voters. I can only base my opinion on what I read about this, and the very little empirical evidence I have from my friends. I have one supposedly undecided friend at work (he's voted Republican repeatedly), and he said he was impressed by the Powell endorsement and he is "thinking about it."