Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tough questions

This interview of Sen. Biden is tough, and he obviously doesn't like it. I think the press should be asking all of the candidates tough questions.


Cousin Mark said...

Those weren't tough questions, those were STUPID questions. I believe that Obama wants to adjust the marginal tax rates above $250,000 income to the Clinton era levels, and he's a MARXIST? Was Clinton a marxist?

Are you trying to compare Biden's answers with Palin's answers to similar questions? I may not be impartial, but I think Biden can coherently answer a question as compared to the Republican vice presidential candidate.

J.R. said...

I am not saying it is Marxist to raise marginal taxes on high earners, and no one else is either. It is however, the epitome of Marxism to then take those tax revenues and redistribute them to the 40% of earners who pay no taxes. The earned income credit already returns their payroll taxes and then some. Adding refundable credits that give money back used to be called welfare, now under Obama's plan it is called a "tax reduction."

I object to tax increases on the principle that the government already spends too much money, but that is not Marxist or socialist. Redistribution is indeed Marxist principle. Senators Obama and Biden may have no problem with this plan, and that is fine, but to act offended when it is properly labeled is disingenuous.