Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everybody is against Hillary

President Clinton is sure there is some sort of conspiracy to keep Hillary from winning the nomination. He claims she is the one that is electable in a general election, inferring that Senator Obama cannot win.

The Clinton "win at all cost" play book is only hurting the party in the long run. But then, it is not about the Democrat's winning, it is about Hillary winning. I can't say I will be saddened when these two exit stage right.

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Cousin Mark said...

I read somewhere that Obama's polling numbers versus McCain are being pushed down by all of the Clinton supporters who say they will vote for McCain over Obama. So her supporters are actually complicit in the polling numbers she quotes to say that she is more electable.

Also, she is just completely dishonest in what she's saying about leading in the popular vote. She should get the hundreds of thousands of votes in Michigan and Obama should get 0. "He didn't have to take his name off the ballot." What a crock.

I heard on TV that the Republicans nominated the only candidate they have who could possibly win this year, and the Democrats are screwing up royally. Hillary doesn't appear to have a gracious bone in her body.

Great pic from the river by the way! We had a lot of fun. See you next week.