Friday, March 28, 2008


Obama Suggests He Would Have Left His Church If Wright Had Not Retired

This sounds too convenient. It just does not pass the smell test. After twenty years as a member he would have left if the Reverend had not retired last month? There's a rock in Ireland that I do believe the Senator kissed several times.


Joe D said...

Rule number 1: Never believe a politician, especially during campaign season.

Rule number 2: If you are ever tempted to believe a politician because they speak well and make you feel all "warm and fuzzy", check to see that you still have your wallet and re-read Rule number 1.

Citizens, this is everything you need to know about politics... (from a former Republican activist)

Joe D, Republic of Texas

Anonymous said...

Jamie quit picking on Obama. You know your first cousin likes him!


P.S. Hello how are you doing. Interesting reading. I might post on some other topics.