Friday, March 28, 2008

U.S. Military Deaths

1980 2,392

1981 2,380

1982 2,319

1983 2,465

1984 1,999

1985 2,252

1986 1,984

1987 1,983

1988 1,819

1989 1,636

1990 1,507

1991 1,787 (a)

1992 1,293

1993 1,213

1994 1,075

1995 1,040

1996 974

1997 817

1998 827

1999 796

2000 758

2001 891

2002 999

2003 1,228 (b)

2004 1,874 (b)

2005 1,942 (b)

2006 1,858 (b)

(a) Persian Gulf War

(b) Iraqi War

This is an interesting set of statistics. Military deaths were as high or higher during peacetime in the 1980’s as they are currently with active military operations in Iraq.

Ratio of Deaths to Wounded

Operation Iraqi
Freedom 1:7.6

Enduring Freedom 1:3.2

Persian Gulf War 1:1.2

Vietnam 1:2.6

Korea 1:2.8

World War II 1:1.7

World War 1:1.8

The ratio of deaths as a fraction of total casualties is improving over time, with the Persian Gulf War as an outlier (949 total casualties is in that war.) My guess is Vietnam and Korea had improved field hospitals in place, and the current improvements are due to body armor and further medical advances.

Read the whole report, it is interesting and details casualties all the way back to the American Revolution.

Source: CRS Report for Congress. American War and Military Operations Casualties:
Lists and Statistics. June, 2007.


Anonymous said...

If you look at table 5 of the article it is rather disturbing the number of self inflicted and homicide that included in your numbers. So if you take the other factors out of your posted number actually the number is not that bad compared to the number active members of the military.

Joe D said...

JR: This is very interesting info, glad you posted it. Our military really has done an extraordinary job carrying out their mission while protecting our soldier's lives. Of course, the "no war, ever" crowd will always refuse to see this.

Thank God most reasonable people understand that to remain free, we must be willing to fight. The radical Islamists HATE us, and will do anything to destroy us. The Cold War looks like it was just a warm-up compared to what's coming down the pike from our enemies in the Islamic world.

God will Bless America again, when we turn back to Him. Pray, and then pray some more...

Joe D, Republic of Texas
San Antonio