Sunday, October 9, 2011

Greedy liberal bastards

President Obama believes in “an America where everybody gets a fair shake and everybody does their fair share.” Now I know the man is not a Marxist because all my liberal friends have said so, but does this sound any different than the words of Karl Marx, "from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs?"

Doing your "fair share" in Obamaspeak is certainly not about volunteering or donating to charity, it is about paying more taxes. The class war continues in which the "haves" must sacrifice more for the "have nots." Even though the "haves" (the top 10%) pay in excess of 40% of the taxes already, while the "have nots" (the bottom 50%) pay 2%. But this is unfair. Not unfair to those who are carrying the burden, but to those who are not. Because 40% is just not enough! They must pay more!!!

There is never an explanation of why the current system is unfair, other than that those evil people that earn money are allowed to keep so much of what the government would like to spend and/or redistribute.

Fairness is a stupid approach to taxation. It has nothing to do with funding the government, and nothing to do with economic policy. Fairness is merely an appeal to base human instincts. Our perception of fairness is laced heavily with envy and covetousness. Fair is not necessarily that I will do better, but that you not do X amount better than me. To be fair, we can all be worse off and live in a more fair society.

Fairness doctrine paints earners as greedy for wishing to keep the fruits of their labors, but the confiscators are never called greedy. I would posit that it is greedier to take something that is not yours, than to wish to keep that which you have rightly earned.

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