Sunday, May 9, 2010

A New Voice on the Supremes

Paul Campos writes a lengthy analysis of Elena Kagan as a potential nominee to SCOTUS.

It is worth a read. The takeaway is that her political views are unknown, but she is intelligent, has a good legal mind, and would be an asset to the Court. This is exactly what a nominee should bring to the table.

All of this political infighting over a nominees views on abortion in particular, or any other issue in general, is just bullshit. If a candidate is a qualified, quality jurist they should be seated.

The risk the Obama administration takes in appointing such a person is that they don't know where they will fall in their decisions. Any administration wishes to put Justices on the Court who will fit its particular political philosophy. This can result in a Souter appointment.

I say that if Pres. Obama appoints Kagan she should be swiftly confirmed.


Cousin Mark said...

You are starting to scare me with your liberal postings J.R.

J.R. said...

It is not liberal it is libertarian.