Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthcare. (what else could it be)

The Democrats had their way and passed this monstrosity of a healthcare bill. I don't doubt their motives in so doing. They did what they thought was the right thing. But, it is very much a left thing.

There is plenty of room for discussion on the issues, but the bottom line is that there are two divergent views of the direction our country should be taking. One is the progressive/liberal view of expanded government, and cradle to grave social programs. This is very much the European model. The other is the conservative view that the country was founded on individual rights and self-sufficiency. The healthcare bill is a victory for the former.

Despite the protestations of the liberals it is bald faced socialism. Socialism is the taking from the general population in order to redistribute "equally". The left has not had the temerity to properly label legislation since the adoption of Social Security.

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Cousin Mark said...

I was expecting more vituperation from you J.R.!

I've been listening to the rednecks on Houston talk radio.. they are very pissed. What did they think would happen after the last election?

Do you think our Republican controlled Supreme Court will seriously consider overturning the Health Care Bill?