Monday, October 5, 2009

I feel better now

I have been afraid that the Democrats would get their act together and actually inflict "healthcare reform" on us. I can't imagine anything worse than the federal government taking over our system, and destroying innovation in our country. But I feel better now because health care is now in Sen. Reid's hands. It is hard to conceive of anyone who is less capable of achieving legislative success then the dour Senator from Nevada.


Cousin Mark said...

I have a question. Do Republicans even give a damn about the millions of people who have no health insurance?

J.R. said...

I can't speak for Republicans. I can say that I don't.

I have concern about people who need health care and cannot access it, but in my experience that is rare, at least in small communities. We have always found a way to take care of those who are truly in need. And I am POSITIVE that we do a better job of that at a community level than will ever be done with trillions of dollars at a national level.

That's just my two cents, but let's go ahead and make young people who have no need for health insurance spend several thousand dollars a year on it. They deserve it, they voted for to have their meager incomes confiscated.

Cousin Mark said...

I wish we had government run health care like Canada, France, England, etc. That would take one more worry out of my life.

Because of my lifestyle "choice" (which is not approved of by the majority of the good people of Texas), I can't include my boyfriend under family coverage with my employer. He is self employed and basically poor by himself. He's not worried about his health care, but I'm worried, because if he develops some serious medical condition, I could be bankrupted providing his care. So I just signed him up for health insurance which is expensive, not that great of coverage, but hopefully prevents the catastrophic finanacial loss.

herendacity said...

Ok, so I work for government. You think we aren't going to this system because it's the cheapest? I also have a problem with the idea of 'those of us making more giving to those of us making less', especially when a lot of the ones making less are doing so because they won't even look for a job. (Don't even go there... I know what I'm talking about.) If they want to give out federal money and benefits to people, fine. Do that as soon as their drug tests come back negative. Also, what about the effect this might have on small companies that are forced into offering health care packages, even though their employees are already on their spouse's plans. Could this cause layoffs? And I'm sorry Cousin Mark, but...there are those one way tickets to Canada, France, and England if the US isn't a good fit for you anymore.

Cousin Mark said...

Thank you herandicity, but I will stay here in America and hope for health care reform.