Friday, November 7, 2008

Comment on government

Government is evil.

It’s a necessary evil, but it is an evil. Any application of government should be done in a somber fashion, as it is a failure of our humanity that we couldn’t handle it as individual citizens. Deciding whether to apply government to solve a problem should be considered on the same level as burning down an orphanage full of children to solve a problem. Deciding to tax should be thought of like deciding to stab an innocent man for our own gain. Anyone who celebrates government is a ghoulish wretch who must be ostracized from polite society.

Frank J. at

This is a libertarian statement coming from someone who considers himself a staunch conservative. Anyway, I like it.


Anonymous said...

This is a libertarian statement coming from someone who considers himself a staunch conservative.

I'm not sure why you are seeing that as a conflict.

Cousin Mark said...

How do libertarians feel about those members of our society who have disabilities (mental or physical) that prevent them from earning a living on their own? Is it acceptable for government to tax the healthy, productive members of society in order that they might live?

Anonymous said...

People with disabilities should be taken care of by their families/communities/charities, which would be more likely to happen if the government did not usurp that responsibility.

J.R. said...


You beat me to it. Exactly right, families/charities/communities should be allowed to do this, but our maternal government loathes allowing citizens to choose their own charities, instead directing public funding. This way the politician gets to choose the cause and take the credit, without actually making any personal sacrifice.

It is significant that VP elect Biden made almost non-existent charitable contributions, even though he, presumably, is in favor of caring for the needy.

Cousin Mark said...

So the libertarian view is that contributions to the United Way, for example, are more virtuous than taxes paid to governments who provide assistance to those in need?

I once was told by a libertarian gentleman here in Houston that citizens of Mississippi (and the South by extension) are much more generous than citizens of New Jersey based on the rate of charitable giving. This is interesting because it relates to the amount of donations to churches. I presume that a large number of Mississippians tithe to their churches.

The flip side of that is that the cheap skate citizens of New Jersey (and probably Joe Biden's Delaware)pay higher local and state taxes. To libertarians that may be evil, but New Jersey public schools are ranked near the very top in the United States. The tax money is going to create a highly educated citizenry, which is a positive I believe.