Sunday, September 7, 2008


There is a relentless expression that this is the most important Presidential election in a generation; has there ever been an election that is not framed in this way?

I think this is an important election, as is each one, but I fail to see exactly what makes this one more significant than any other in the past 40 years.


Lady from Ipanema said...

This year’s importance factor lies with the fact that a very bad cruelty joke is being played on Trusting American Citizens. It is being played on the good people who think that if a person mentions God that they are Godly. To be elected will be a very old ill cranky man who could not get a job at a convenience store. He will soon pass on and the new President will be someone of little to no experience for such a position. How can one be the mayor of a tiny Meth Capitol of AK one year and three years later the President of the US? Only in American obviously. To make it even worse, this person will be an Evangelical person who believes that she has a pipeline to God for instruction (When Pat R is not on the horn). Here is hoping if the inevitable does happen the fact of his passing will be classified information. We pray (if it is God’s Will) that the old man will be drug around like a scene out of A Weekend at Bernie’s…so we can be spared any further drama from the Pit Bulldog with Lipstick.

J.R. said...

But no matter how bad a President is we will be fine. Thanks to the separation of powers the executive can only do so much harm, or good. We managed to muddle through even with Jimmy Carter.

Cousin Mark said...

Way to go Lady from Ipanema!

It will be interesting to see how well our country and the world will have "muddled through" the Dubya presidency.